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About US

We are an start-up organization with focus on marketing solutions in the business sphere and offer specialized services to our customers.
We have experience from Europe where we have started our successful mission and currently expending in the US/Canada market.

Our focus is to make your marketing approach sharp, quick, saving time and addressing customer needs. Mailforce is a great platform
where you can design email campaigns, send and also evaluate it. Mailytics is a new great tool which provides sophisticated and smart solution
to be two steps in front of your competitors as you can effectively use it to  overview your competitor’s email marketing strategy and approach.
Fast and accurate analyze can accelerate your business.

When dedicated to provide you one of the best solution available on the market and we believe in partnership.

We will help you break into new market and to resolve issues with e-commerce marketing approach. Using offered solution will enable you to
fulfill your long-term and short-term goals with focus on your product or services and increase awareness of you on the respective market.

Here you can find about what we can help you with, terms of use of the solutions offered or you can contact us directly.

Customer support

We work with highly qualified technical stuff to set up the individual solution just for your needs. Thanks to which we are able
to offer superior service to our customers and answer questions about our offered could services, we are thus able to resolve
and address your needs or non-standard requirements.